Did I mention already that I am officially enrolled in DTI now??  OHMYGOSH I am soo excited.. So many weird things are happening lately..  I am enjoying this detective shit waaay more than I should.. people (friends) are finding out (even not friends anymore) and passing the word to others and it’s coming back around.. They all think it’s a dumb thing to do blah blah.. “what is she going to investigate??”…. just wait and see people.. KARMA is a bitch and apparently so am I.. 😀

Anyway, back to the weird stuff.. so like everyone knows I love me some beer..  well, for the last 1 1/2 wks or so, not so much.. like I just can’t drink more than 6 or so.. then its a couple days before I can drink it again… I think I just finally got in the mindframe of being healthy and the beers just aren’t tasting good.. I don’t know..  well I am going to the river this weekend.. so if beer is shut down this weekend.. I will definitely probably need to see a dr.  And for the record.. No, I’m not pregnant.. LMAO…. 


So I have been doing this “blogging” thing for awhile… I have a question.. I’ve never mentioned names or anything of the like… isn’t anyone curious?  Should I start including names and stuph in future posts?  Does anyone give a shit?

Edit:   Guess Not.


Oh my goodness… had a ball last night..  So the kid had an appt with a psychologist (she goes every week) but, we were actually having fun shopping and decided not to go this week.. I “REALLY” needed to spend some quality time with my kid.. (for my benefit.. )

So, that out of the way, she found these cool “lee press on” nails (Anyone remember those?) at the store.  They were painted black  with skulls on them.. (So her style. LOL) Inside the skull was a pink jewel for an eye. Pretty cool actually.  So she put those on.  Thought she was hot shit.  Yes, really.  She then decided it was time to play Beauty Shop.. as in let’s put as much make up on mom and do her hair with 13 ponytails and 25 hair clips.. “beauty shop”.  Oh boy. Fun.
We had a blast!!  I think I have the beginnings of 32 new pimples after surviving 5 layers of make up. But hey, thats the sacrifice I make for fun time with my kid.  🙂
I was about ready to do the red carpet walk until she decided I needed flower decals on my finger nails too.. since she had the awesome nails.. LOL    After she made me look the most gorgeous I ever have.. I did her hair and makeup..  I know I am biased, but my goodness my daughter is beautiful.  Without makeup I mean..  So I put her hair in two little indian like braids, and put some makeup on her.  For a tomboy, she was LOVIN IT!!!  She was diggin the make up and the nails which was pretty cool to watch..  I love my kid more than anything..  Her friend thought it was “so rad” that I let them put make up on me… LOL  My kid says to her “Ok, you can’t make my mom look bad tho, because she’s going to put these on facebook and like celebrities will see them!”  Bless her heart, she believes that and I love it.  This is one of those BIG ASS SMILE on my face days… and I love that.


So I wanted to try out a website to see how well it did for blog hits..  the site is Condron  and wow.. I know there are some of you that come to read this everyday..  well, yesterday there was like 40+ hits all from places like Germany, India, Reston, VA, Nevada, all kinds of places.. WAAY cool..  I think I am going to pay the money to keep the site up on the list “Blog Roll” because this is pretty cool..:D  That and maybe I should start putting more stuff on here if I can get more visibility.  What do you think??  Oh and check this out.. saw it today.. LAUGHED MY ASS OFF!!

Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater. If you give her sperm, she’ll give you a baby. If you give her a house, she’ll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she’ll give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she’ll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her. So, if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit.”

Oh, the full site is    http://www.condron.us/index.php?i=6

Have a good one ya’ll.

Whew.. it’s over..

Well I had my surgery yesterday.. went well.  When I got to the hospital it said I was there for a “Skull fracture at base and subluxated hematoma”..  hhmmm  wonder why they didn’t bother to mention that.. Unless someone was trying to punk me and get me a lobotomy HAHA…  Soo, had that changed to Kyphoplasty for T5 and T6 vertebrae..  Much better.. Got in there, the Dr came in and “signed” my back where the surgery was to occur.  Cool.  Not exactly my skull so that’s a plus.  Next I saw the anesthesiologist.  (whew, long word)..  Got some fun juice, and was ready to go.. then I started asking too many questions, so, apparently, he just shut me up on his own.. ya. thanks.  Anyway, came out of it great..  woke up crying, (apparently I do that) and man was I in pain..  Got some stuff called… um.. shit I can’t remember.. starts with a D  Oh.  delauded? or something.  GREAT STUFF!! So they took me to the other recovery place, and the same nurse was there when I had my shoulder surgery.. cool chick.. we bantered etc.. then she asked “How are you back to your smart ass self so fast?!?!”  and we laughed.. so I just said “Let me get out of your way and go home now.. “..  and they did.. 😀

Oh, one thing, when I was waking up from that sleepy shit, my tongue was numb.  like just the right side of it.  Then after being home on the couch for awhile, it wasn’t any better, and she said it would go away.  So at about 6 I called the dr.  He said “It could be nerve damage, or it could be from the tubes going down your throat, and resting on your tongue the wrong way”..  Nice. Thanks doc.  So I am to call today if it isn’t better.  Well, surprise surprise.. it’s not.  Actually it spread. The whole front 1/2 of my tongue.  I really DO NOT like this.. AT ALL.  I can’t taste, been biting my cheeks.. SUCKS BIG TIME!!  So, I am actually at work today (ya, sucks).. I have a meeting at 10 so I’ll do that then call the dr.  
And… I don’t know how much better my back is yet.  See, the incision where they went in, went THRU the muscle.. OH MY GOSH it sucks.. no matter how I sit, or move, it hurts like a mutha.  I’m easing off the pain pills tho.. THAT I AM GRATEFUL for a bunch.. I woke up at 3 and was up til 445am today, not cuz I was in pain, just woke up.. I think.  HAHA 
Anyway, going home soon, and gonna just veg all weekend..  (tried a beer last night.. not a good idea.. doesn’t sit well with anesthesia.. damn it)