Struggles.. that’s a good word.. I haven’t been on in a while.. haven’t been motivated. In the least. That roller coaster I mentioned.. still going on.. some days are better than others of course.. Human nature. Today.. nothing new really.. I’m going to go to a friends wedding in Laughlin at the end of the month.. 15 minute wedding, and then on the water by 10am.. gotta love it. Nice 3 day weekend. The kid has been gone for 2 weeks in Lake Tahoe with her aunt.. She has been swimming, playing in the lake (but not too far in.. there are crawdads you know.. LOL) oh, and white water rafting.. she texted me the whole time she was gone telling me of all she did.. I love that she’s 9 yrs old, and that she is responsible enough to let “MOM” know what’s going on.. like “Hi mom, going to play mini golf.. love you!” Love that.. 😀

So she was supposed to go on a cruise next week with her grandparents.. Apparently she decided she’d rather not. She firmly stated “Grama, I am NOT going on the cruise.. Have you NOT seen Titanic!?! No way.. thank you but no.” Period. Kid is crazy sometimes.. could have gone to 3 different countries.. maybe when she’s older.. So she got back from her mini vacay yesterday.. Gawd I missed her. I swear she grew an inch (ok, she DID, but prolly not in that 2 wks).. her hair turned BLONDE! Whatsupwiththat!?!? Anyway.. I struggled while she was gone.. missed her to death.. My sister is going to visit some family in Arizona (Hey Cuz!!) this weekend, so I told the kid that “auntie and girls are going to arizona”.. she said “Oh really!?! Can I go!?!? ” I said sure… if you want to.. she stopped for a second and said “Nah.. I want to be with you Mommy”.. Can’t argue with that.. 😀