A whole year….. and itworks!

So earlier this year, I was going to the doctors and having blood work done, because there is NO WAY I could weigh 175 lbs and NOT be pregnant! I mean, COME ON! Apparently there was nothing wrong with me, (albeit, they wanted to do a lobotomy… but I digress..) blood was fine, and I was instructed to “change your diet”… Well, I did! After breaking my back and my leg (2 years ago now!) it’s not all THAT easy for me to exercise… I thought perhaps the extra weight was contributing to some of my back pain as well.. so fast foward to the end of march… STILL weighing 175 lbs (up and down +- 3 lbs) I “stumbled” upon a website called…. it works. Now, I’ve spent over the last year or so about $1000 trying to find something to HELP me lose weight.. I wasn’t looking for a “quick fix” or anything like that… they don’t work.. duh. But on the flip side, changing my diet, and walking through the badlands by the house, didn’t either. So I decided to try ItWorks I mean, why not.. I’ve tried EVERYTHING else under the sun.. (i.e. Isagenix, Nexagen, JenFe patches, Arbonne…. I could go on, but you get the picture)

Now, FF to beginning of April (ya, I know it’s only like a week) … I received my first ever order of products from ItWorks… I got the “Ultimate Body Challenge”… I mean, hell, why not right.. let’s just GO for it! It came with these “wraps” and some gel stuff, and a bottle of pills… I spent $99. on March 29, two days after my birthday, I started it. Went home and did a “wrap”.. this wrap is like a huge non sticky bandaid with some lotion on it. It says to measure yourself before doing this.. so I did. I measured the biggest (read FATTEST) part of my potbelly and wrote it down. 39 1/2″. Okay REALLY!?!?! What happened to me!? Depression, Stress… you name it.
So the kid helped me to put on this wrap, and got a piece of saran wrap to put around it to keep it in place… (saran wrap doesn’t DO anything)… she was crackin up because two people trying to go the same direction with Saran wrap… you get the point.. So, we got it on, and waited for an hour. The kid was more excited than I was… after taking it off, and massaging in the lotion, I measured again, and it was at 39″.. hey it’s a 1/2″.. Now, I wasn’t “schooled” on anything so I just kinda flew by the seat of my pants with it.. I didn’t measure right, but I DID measure my biceps, quads and hips because it “seemed right”.. I was using the gel / lotion in the mornings after showers… and the bottle of pills was a “fat fighter”… WOW what a wonder pill. All of the products from ItWorks Global are natural.. nothing harmful like ephedra, or other yukky stuff… Anyway, over the next few months, I started to try the supplements.. .New You 3.0.. Regular.. it’s Vital.. and Thermofit. Over the last 9months now… these have all become STAPLES of my every day life. In the first month, because I guess I had so much toxic build up (maybe from beer, or the Rx pills I have to take for pain for my back.. ) I didn’t really lose any weight.. I was a little discouraged.. BUT I did start noticing the “orange peel” look on the backs of my thighs was starting to look better.. So, I kept at it.. the long and short of it, since March 29th, I’ve lost 24lbs (+- 2lbs) and in just the measurements I took of myself, at least 10″ loss all over. I just measured my belly again.. remember 39 1/2″…. today it’s 34 1/4″… I’m VERY pleased with that.. I’ve gone from a XL shirt to sometimes medium, but comfortably large shirt, and I went from a size 11 pants to now wearing size 8 (or my Se7en jeans are in 29!!)
I started taking the Greens which is a green powder you mix with orange juice… I drink that every morning.. it’s nice because it curbs my appetite and I’ve not gotten sick for months!! I have a few friends with walking pneumonia… the kid has been sick a few times… (I am now going to have her start taking the it’s Vital vitamins and the Greens to keep her more healthy than the germ infested kids at school… ) This has been such a huge positive change for me in my life.. I became a rep/distributor for the products… in the first week alone, I signed up 8 customers, and another distributor!! It’s selling itself, and it’s out of control… I go out and do little wrap parties maybe 2x a week right now, and picking up customers every time… plus for all the wraps that I do, I am getting $20 each for pocket money!! (well, more like, buying the kid clothes constantly because she keeps growing out of everything… )
Anyway, that’s the long and short of it…. I’ve kept all the weight and inches off and it just keeps getting better… I plan to FINALLY break under 150lbs by next week… 🙂 Almost to my goal weight.. and I’m so much more healthy, and happier all because of ItWorks….