It’s about that time…

So I think I’m gonna get back to blogging again… not that anyone is listening.. but it feels good to ME. ๐Ÿ™‚ The kid turned 11 this week… Amazing.. was thinking back to the day that little alien was born.. Weird how it seems like yesterday, but also like a lifetime ago… She’s so rad.. She’s been doing a LOT to help me get this IT WORKS business up and running.. I get to pay her, give her a W2 and write it off… more grooviness haha.. So, I’ve been working this 2nd (or is it 3rd job, with the MOM job thrown in there…) since December. OH EM GEE I’m in love.. I haven’t been this happy in like ever. It’s kinda nice.. I’m meeting SOOOO many new people, and making some great new friends.. The best part is Changing peoples lives. What an amazing gift. I know I’ve made some life long friends on this short journey. I mentioned that the Kid told me that I have until August to be making enough money to quit my day job.. (I dream about that EVERY NIGHT!!!) I am going FULL STEAM AHEAD in order to accomplish that goal BEFORE August.. I’ve hired 3 people now to my “Team”.. I explained to the Kid what “Network Marketing” is last night.. she caught on pretty quick.. she asked how old she has to be to become a distributor.. She’s just rad. Anyway… since I started as a distributor back in December, things have progressed rather rapidly.. I’ve been doing like 2 wrap parties (or more) per week.. CRAZY! I’ve hired 3 distributors now, who are taking off nicely. I’ve done my first Expo already which was a lot of fun.. I have another one, a wedding expo in March.. I’m also going to set up the booth at the Irvine Mud Run in May… THAT should be way fun!!! One of my dists is going to be IN it so her team will be wearing our Tshirts to represent! Way to go!! I’m still looking for a few more distributors asap, so when you decide that you want to help others become more healthy, and could stand to have some extra money… let me know.. I’m here to help. MUCH love to all ๐Ÿ™‚

โ€œThe only real failure in life is the failure to try.โ€

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