So I moved / imported this blog over to Tumblr… will try that for awhile… if I decide I don’t like it, I’ll be back here… maybe I’ll update both.. hahaha Here’s the tumblr link:

let me know what either of you think… 🙂

Life and Lemons..

I find it very interesting quotes about when life hands you lemons, make lemonade or drink tequila or whatever… same with “it’s not about getting a bad hand, it’s how you play it”… or something of that nature.. Anyway, I was dealt a really crappy hand a couple weeks ago.. I am playing that hand as best I can, but boy it’s difficult. It’s common knowledge that the kid and donor don’t really get along.. well, long story short (and cutting out the BS) the kid and me are pretty tight nowadays… we are together all the time. Bosom buddies.. Joined at the hip.. Besties.. and really, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Any of you have ANY clue how much a growing 11 year old GIRL eats?! Holy birdcrap batman! (and HOW does she stay so skinny!?!?!) Anyway, she’s like I said 11, almost 5’3” now, and wears the SAME SIZE shoe as me.. really!?! I think we are gonna do just fine together.. I like the “full custody” thing.. has a nice ring to it.. 😉

Til next time… PEACE!