Here we go again..

Ok.. I’m back..  haha  So I did move this over to tumblr..  and that was fun.. I guess.  I mean, don’t get me wrong.. tumblr is cool… if you are a teenager.  I couldn’t really “blog” there.. or feel comfortable doing it I guess.  So, I’m back.  I miss talking to myself on here.. I got that “Dragon” speak/dictation software to try.. I’ll let you know how that works.. if it DOES work.. It’s going on Dano’s laptop so she can do her homework and I don’t have to type everything for her.. (seems she hunts/pecks while Mom can type apprx 90 wpm.. yay me.) Looking forward to this.. I think it really will help her with her reports, and her grades..  crossing my fingers, toes, whatever…
I’m a little scatter brained lately.. things haven’t been all that great with Dano and her dad, and court etc… I have a draft I wrote in the midst of it all, and it wasn’t very pleasant, but I had to get it off my chest.. I think for now it’ll just stay in drafts..  Anyway, this is gonna be pretty short today, gotta go get her from school.  I’ll fill ya in on more tomorrow…

Peace kids..

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