For the first time in I don’t know how long.. I have nothing to say. 
Ok, actually I think I have a LOT to say, but really, why?  What purpose does it serve to say it? I have court tomorrow. Again.  I am sooooo over this bullshit.  I am also tired of being a pushover and agreeing to shit I shouldn’t agree to.  Like the last time.  I promised myself, DO NOT agree to anything.  And stupid me did the opposite.  I’m actually getting along with the donor lately, but I still have to tell myself DO NOT AGREE TO ANYTHING this time.  And stick to it.  Dano wants to talk to the Mediator again.  She doesn’t want more visitation or anything, actually she wants less.  So that’s what I’ll be telling them tomorrow.  I will NOT agree to more visitation for her, since that’s not what SHE wants.  I will repeat all this shit over and over and OVER in my head until court is over tomorrow.  I hate court.  LE SIGH.

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