My dogs… and my garden..

I’ve been inspired to share a post about my dogs and my garden.. by my friend Nikki Crome..  She has her dogs on a diet to feed them the same healthy foods she likes to eat..  As much as I love my dogs, I never thought about this..  I mean, I’ve fed them stuff from my garden, but always more as a treat I think.  Included in this post are pictures from my garden.  Started it the second week of July and it’s growing beautifully..  Inside my little haven are, Roma Tomatoes, Tomatillos, (a TON) of Broccoli, Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Pumpkin (won’t be ready for Halloween tho I don’t think  BOO!) Jalapeno, Serrano chile’s and habanero as well.  Then there is some Gourds (Dano REALLY wanted to grow them, no idea why) and squash, which are already sprouting about 20 of them!  Then there is a BUNCH of corn, and lastly peas.  (Seems like so much more when I look at it haha)  OH! Forgot the Avocado tree, and my grape vine.. 🙂 The corn.. that didn’t take off too well.  The ones that were already growing, only one really “took”.  Planted a bunch of seeds, and holy crap within 5 days, they are all sprouting, and now they are a few inches tall already!  I still want to plant Blackberry vines but those won’t produce anything for a couple years.  It’s relaxing to be out there during the summertime, but damn it’s HOT.. Gotta wait til the shade kicks in to get in there..  I think I will head back to the farmer’s market and get some more veggies, and eggs, and slowly wean my furry kids off “dog food” and see how that works..  Raw meat with bones… THAT I will continue to research today as well.  I knew about the cooked bones, they can’t have, but raw makes a bunch more sense!!  Anyway, thank you +Nikki Crome  here are some pics of my garden. 🙂 

3 thoughts on “My dogs… and my garden..

  1. Yay!

    Trust me, I was scared about the raw chicken, etc… but after hours of research, I decided that I would try it…thinking they wouldn't even want it. Pfft. They looked at me like “WHY DID YOU WAIT SO LONG!?!?!” Ha! And they survived and I noticed their energy levels change – their poo even lessened in size and was more solid than ever. (TMI? It's the truth!)

    Just make sure any meat that you give them does have sharp cuts of bones from being cut from the animal.

    I usually buy a whole chicken and cut it up and give it to them – it's so gross to watch – but they absolutely LOVE it.

    They also like oxtail and a couple other cuts of steak 🙂

    I just need to get a food processor and a scale – I'm still not certain on portion sizes.

    As I typically feed my dogs anywhere from 3-4 cups of dog food daily – the difference is the dog food is not as jam-packed full of nutrients like what I'm giving them now. So i'm not sure if i'm giving them too MUCH – or too little.

    Rocky is always hungry no matter how much food I give him – so I can't really rely on whether he still appears hungry or not ;o)

    Good luck – any questions? Let me know. I downloaded a whole book online. Maybe I can zip it to you?


  2. Nikki… I REALLY want to do this now.. so you buy a raw chicken (duh) and you cut it up, HOW and how much do you feed them at each sitting? Yes, I need a video. PLEASE. 🙂 I want to try this asap. And why do you need the food processor does that chop up bones or something? Yes, send me that book, via email maybe? Thanks lady!

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