Le Jardin..

Wanted to update on my garden.  It’s a jungle.   In the tangled mess of the watermelon, pumpkin and cantaloupe… there are 3 watermelons still growing.. After opening that last one, I figured I’ll wait a few more weeks to try this other HUGE one..   There is ONE (1) SINGLE pumpkin.  FFS, ONE!!? Anyway, I did find two hidden cantaloupes TRYING to grow.. not sure if they will make it or not.  I ripped out the squash plants.. they get ugly after awhile. HAHA  Planted some cucumbers.  I love cucumbers.  How does one spell kewks is how it sounds to me, short for cucumbers?? cucs? hhmmmm 
Anyway, those will start producing in a couple weeks.  The Zucchini plants are doing great.. I picked the first fruit/veggie last night and probably too late, because it was HUGE.. it was a good foot long.. 😦  we’ll see..  
The tomatillos are starting to grow. I had no idea HOW they grew, but as you can see below, they produce the “skin” pod thingy first, which is hollow, and then the tomatillo grows “into” that.  Kinda cool.  🙂   My Grape Vine!! It looks like it’s flexing muscles!!  I LOVE how it grew!! haha  hhmmm OH! going to plant some PURPLE tomatillo!!  How fun would that be to have purple salsa!? 
Still waiting on some “real” corn to show up to try, not too much longer.  You can see a watermelon behind the red chili bush/tree thingy…  There are a couple jalapenos FINALLY growing on the stupid plant that kept trying to commit suicide on me…  Anyhoo… here are some pics for you to laugh at.  


Empty tomatillo shells

Some green Roma Tomatoes

A singular watermelon

The ONLY pumpkin out of the whole damn mess!

FINALLY a tiny bunch of broccoli is showing up..  ggrrrr

This looks like a STRONG vine.. you know, flexing.. meh. whatever.

Oh the sneaky watermelon I found growing behind the peppers.. 

Jalapenos I saved from suicide..  there are like 5 growing.. 😀

Cucumbers!!!  Can’t wait! 

This is THE MESS.  I can’t wait to rip it all out.  NO MORE MELONS of any type.