People are assholes..

Plain and simple.  I am NOT a mean person. I can hold a grudge. I can cut you off without a second thought if I feel you are not a positive person to have in my life.  I don’t hurt people on purpose. Some ASSHOLE got a hold of my ATM debit card and information.  Now, I’m PISSED.
Now, my card is still in my possession.  It’s such a shitting feeling knowing that someone STOLE from me and my family.  Money I earned making a decent living.  GGGRRRRR What I think happened is that I read about asshole people putting these reader things on the swiper thingy at say a gas station pump.  When you put your card in, they are able to gather all the information from your card, and can then RE MAKE another card.  I see this shit on CSI and Criminal Minds etc, but NEVER did I think I would fall prey to that shit.  Yes, I use the outside gas pump thingy.  And I usually only go to 2 different gas stations.  A couple days ago I went to a Chevron over on Grand.  I never go there.  I am deducing that, that is where it happened.  Ironically a Sheriffs car was behind me and we chatted up about crime etc..  THAT sucks looking back now. 😦  I guess after talking to the bank, they do it to those stand alone ATMs inside quik marts and the like.  I “rarely” use one of those, but now I will NEVER use that again.  I will take the extra time to go INSIDE to a filling station and pay inside.  No more of this “Pay at the pump” shit, because eventually you’ll pay out your nose, like I just did.  NOW, I have to wait days for a new card, call the people that do “automatic” payments to change all that, just a nuisance.  I am blessed and very lucky that they didn’t drain my account.  I was just telling Dano the importance of having a savings account for “emergencies”.  This morning she said to me “I understand now why you always want to hoard money in the savings account”..  hoard.. shut it kid.  LOL  It is a valuable lesson in more ways than one.  Makes sense they went to Michael’s and spent almost $300… but WHO ON EARTH spends almost $80 at Taqueria El Rey!?!?!? PIGGY!  Anyway, I was cranky last night, but happy that it could have been much worse.  I will be much more careful about HOW I use my card, my money etc.  I’m glad I put it on speaker so Dano could listen to it all.  She was very worried that we were “in trouble” with no money etc.. she learned from this as well.  People watch how/where you spend your money.. Some jackhole asshat is standing by waiting to take from you, what they refuse to work for.  A decent living, paycheck and peace of mind that they are making a positive difference in the world.  Shithead.  This was how I looked last night dealing with the bank etc…   Happy damn Thursday..