Real Quick..

Ok, so I just wanted to touch base real quick and say New Years was great… and I want to write about something that I’ve some experience with but I need to get some thoughts together..  For now, Camping was awesome!!  The Kid went on a ride with the others (I’m still not riding) and came back and said “Mom.. can I say a bad word please!?!?”  I thought for a second and knew immediately what she was going to say, and since she seemed so proud (and NEVER curses, thank goodness), I said “Sure, whaddya got?”   She said “Mom!  I ate shit!”… I knew it was coming.  I laughed as well as the other folks standing around talking… Priceless..  She didn’t even cry.. She was VERY proud of herself.. she showed me the new “ding” in her plastics, and was elated for about an hour..  😀    There was a fatality on the way to the road we were taking… drunk woman, slammed the back of a trailer hauling 2 VERY nice Rhino’s.. and she died..  Stupid people.. Whatever..  Another day, a 12 yr old boy was air lifted, broken arm and back pains.. wasn’t paying much attention and slammed into another kid.. 

So the kid has decided that she wants to get into riding professionally.  I think we can do it.  I need to sell my tahoe and buy a truck so I can haul her bike around… and start heading out to an area off the 15 where they have tracks and kids learn how to ride tracks and get better, races and trophy’s… Works for me.. I live for this stuff. 😉  
Anyway, good times… and I’ll be back in a day or so with something else I want to “Rant” about.. LOL  Keep it real!