A Song..

Ok, so everyone has their “Favourite” song.. Of course I do as well, but it really depends on my mood and the day. How many times have you said “Oh, I Love this song?” 😀 More that we care to admit I’m sure.
So anyway, I heard this song last night: Big girls don’t cry (by Fergie). Definately not my favourite artist, or song, but still something about it really made me think. Part of the song goes like this:
“I need some shelter of my own protection baby. To be with myself instead of calamity. Peace, Serenity”. I think I have longed for the peace and serenity for a long time, and hearing that just kind of struck a chord. Cliche` as it sounds, I really am a big girl. Sometimes tho, it would be nice for someone to be physically next to me just to tell me it’s all “OK”.
Another part of the song is this:
“The path that I’m walking I must go alone I must take the baby steps until I’m full grown”. I am full grown, but I am walking this path now, alone for quite a while. I have learned much, and I have lost a lot as well. But it is a path that I have to take in order to continue to grow as a person. Into a “big girl”.
I had my moment last night where I was the little girl, balled up on the floor crying but now, like the chorus goes:
“But I’ve got to get a move on with my life. Its time to be a big girl now…
And big girls don’t cry…..”
Time to stop crying and be a big girl… Here goes nothin’.. 😀