Last of the rain..

Ok, so it’s been raining since last week.. I seem to get a little down with the rain. 😦 Last week, I had to meet up with some family to do a family portrait for my grandfathers birthday. It was pictures of the “great” grandkids.. 6 of them. Wow, that was fun.. LMAO. It was nice to see the cousins and kids.. Amazing how quickly they are all growing up. The kid had a lot of fun and was all smiles.. nice to see. This weekend was kinda nice for me. I haven’t been feeling all that well lately, and the kid went fishing, so I had some time alone. It really was nice. Ok, with the rain, and gloomy weather, it wasn’t SUPER nice.. but relaxing nonetheless. I guess I needed some “me” time and it worked. Watched a couple movies I hadn’t seen yet… “Knocked up”. THAT was hilarious… Then I watched “Dark Water”.. pretty good.. I expected more, not sure why. And my personal favorite of the weekend, “Premonition” with Sandra Bullock. I love her movies.. Hope Floats is one of my favorites that she’s done.. as is Practical Magic.. Anyway, Premonition.. Great Flick. Really Enjoyed it.
So I got to work this morning, and found out that a friend of mine that I worked with for about 4 years passed away yesterday. Heart problems. 😦 Makes me pretty sad. Not supposed to bury friends especially that are our age. Interesting these last like 2 weeks. First Brad Renfro dies.. Way too young.. with a young child. Then Heath Ledger, 28 years old, also with a young child. Whether accidental, on purpose, or whatever, sad… especially for the children. I can’t imagine my life without the Kid in it.. Celebrity deaths… don’t really effect me… But, there were two that really got to me. River Phoenix. THAT was very difficult for me. Not really sure why.. but it was hard. And more recently, John Ritter. I have no idea the appeal he had as an actor, but wow, his death really got to me too. Anyway, back to my friend. He had such a HUGE heart. He would help anyone that needed it.. He was a big teddy bear. I don’t think I ever heard anyone say one bad thing about him. I believe a bunch of people (even that don’t work together anymore) are gonna get together tonight to “celebrate” his life, and drink some beers… He liked doing that.. 😀
Definitely makes you think about life and puts things into perspective. Too many times, it’s been said “Life is too short”.. No Shit. It really is. Obviously.
I’ve said it before, go home, hug your significant other, and your kids etc… you never know if you can do it tomorrow.

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.– Mahatma Gandhi