Couple updates

Being old still sucks. ¬†ūüôā ¬†just kidding.. so all that stuff I was trying to help my face stop the melting process, didn’t work.. nothing did.. my face is still falling off and the only thing that is going to help that will be some “procedure” that costs me thousands.. HOWEVER I did decide on THE doctor to go to once I can afford it, Dr Simon Ourian. Ya, he’s in LA, but it might be worth the drive if he can reverse the melting process… can ANYONE do that!?!? ¬†Anyway, ¬†I HAVE found a few products that ARE working for me.. I mean, I am a little lucky in that I’m 42 wait, am I 43 now? anyway, 40~ish, and I have very little if any wrinkles. ¬†Awesome except my face is still melting. ¬†ANYWAY, what I found that I LOVE is a few new things I didn’t mention before. ¬†First, Cleopatra really did have it goin on. ¬†Like crazy what she did and even crazier, I am doing it. ¬†I am THE biggest skeptic I know. ¬†SO I research the shit out of everything. ¬†I like to learn, and then of course share with others. ūüôā ¬†it’s just my thang. ¬†Anyway, I researched “shaving” my face. ¬†You know all the questions, will it grow back thicker, will it be black, etc.. ¬†nope, nope and nope. it’s AWESOME. ¬†And, when I mentioned it to a few of my gals, THEY ALREADY DO IT! ¬†I’m like, what!?! I thought I did everything first?? ¬†No, seems some have been doing it since like high school.. Ok, now that stung a little. ¬†Anyway, I tried those little straight razor jobs like this:¬†

That wasn’t too bad, just took quite a bit of time to work with… however, I have found the HOLY GRAIL for a woman face, to not only remove facial fuzz, but also exfoliate and get rid of the top layer of GUNK on your face!! It’s AMAZING!¬†

This my friends is DERMAFLASH.. and it’s the bestest thing like ever. ¬†After you charge it, you pop in the one time use blade, turn it on and clean off all the fuzz and dead skin off your face, once a week. ¬†I LOVE this, it makes all my serums absorb better, and it allows my foundation to go on flawlessly.. ¬†Speaking of serums.. I found the one brand that works for me. ¬†The L’oreal didn’t work, so I tried Paula’s Choice. ¬†It’s AFFORDABLE for us Single Mom’s and just everyone that wants great skin care at a price that I don’t mind spending every couple months.. There are many products in the line, but I use specifically “Resist” items in the line.. like the 10% weekly AHA to resurface the skin.. it’s wonderful. ¬†I use a nightly AHA and a daily BHA as a leave on exfoliator. ¬†Moisturizer is wonderful, but the Hyaluronic acid is Fabulous!¬†

Can’t give away ALL My secrets at once, but I have a few more up my sleeve.. You should really take a look at these items (No, I am not paid for ANYTHING) these are just my honest opinions after trying so many things out there, and basically tossing them, or giving them away.. THESE work for my 40~ish skin and I LOVE them for it. ¬†¬†

ONE MORE THING.. I don’t care for any of Kylie’s lip paints, they don’t last, and they BLEED.. I do like Kat Von D but the stain REALLY works.. ¬†I FINALLY found my all time favorite so far, and that is from Jeffree Star, and it’s called ANDROGNY..¬†
“Just have fun. Smile. And keep putting on lipstick”