This is the title..

So there’s a saying that damn near EVERYONE has heard before… “God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.” Ok, if that is the case, I would really like for someone to tell me HOW does He KNOW how much I can handle?!?! I mean.. a lot of things have happened over the last couple weeks.. I even got to deal with my brother. And that was actually NICE!! I really enjoyed spending time with him and I even got to put him in his place a couple times.. LOL.. So that was worth it. Something I did notice the last couple days tho.. I miss him. I hate when he’s not around.. As much of shit that he is..
Anyway, back to God. How in his infinite wisdom does He what we as people can deal with an not deal with?? I mean really. What about those people that decide they Can’t deal with shit anymore and commit suicide? Did God go a little too far there? Does that mean we CAN’T handle it all?! Ok, I have NO intentions of suicide or anything like that.. but stress certainly got me thinking about all this and it sucks.. Ya, I am strong person. I can handle a lot.. and it’s cool.. but sometimes.. a BREAK would be really nice!!
Anyway.. things are quieting down now.. and it’s nice.. I suppose this is my little break.. nothing going on.. besides the normal shit.. Work, School, Chores etc… Gonna take off this weekend for a little R&R with some friends to watch a desert moto race. Oh ya, and drink beer. 😀