Did I mention already that I am officially enrolled in DTI now??  OHMYGOSH I am soo excited.. So many weird things are happening lately..  I am enjoying this detective shit waaay more than I should.. people (friends) are finding out (even not friends anymore) and passing the word to others and it’s coming back around.. They all think it’s a dumb thing to do blah blah.. “what is she going to investigate??”…. just wait and see people.. KARMA is a bitch and apparently so am I.. 😀

Anyway, back to the weird stuff.. so like everyone knows I love me some beer..  well, for the last 1 1/2 wks or so, not so much.. like I just can’t drink more than 6 or so.. then its a couple days before I can drink it again… I think I just finally got in the mindframe of being healthy and the beers just aren’t tasting good.. I don’t know..  well I am going to the river this weekend.. so if beer is shut down this weekend.. I will definitely probably need to see a dr.  And for the record.. No, I’m not pregnant.. LMAO….