Le Jardin..

Wanted to update on my garden.  It’s a jungle.   In the tangled mess of the watermelon, pumpkin and cantaloupe… there are 3 watermelons still growing.. After opening that last one, I figured I’ll wait a few more weeks to try this other HUGE one..   There is ONE (1) SINGLE pumpkin.  FFS, ONE!!? Anyway, I did find two hidden cantaloupes TRYING to grow.. not sure if they will make it or not.  I ripped out the squash plants.. they get ugly after awhile. HAHA  Planted some cucumbers.  I love cucumbers.  How does one spell kewks is how it sounds to me, short for cucumbers?? cucs? hhmmmm 
Anyway, those will start producing in a couple weeks.  The Zucchini plants are doing great.. I picked the first fruit/veggie last night and probably too late, because it was HUGE.. it was a good foot long.. 😦  we’ll see..  
The tomatillos are starting to grow. I had no idea HOW they grew, but as you can see below, they produce the “skin” pod thingy first, which is hollow, and then the tomatillo grows “into” that.  Kinda cool.  🙂   My Grape Vine!! It looks like it’s flexing muscles!!  I LOVE how it grew!! haha  hhmmm OH! going to plant some PURPLE tomatillo!!  How fun would that be to have purple salsa!? 
Still waiting on some “real” corn to show up to try, not too much longer.  You can see a watermelon behind the red chili bush/tree thingy…  There are a couple jalapenos FINALLY growing on the stupid plant that kept trying to commit suicide on me…  Anyhoo… here are some pics for you to laugh at.  


Empty tomatillo shells

Some green Roma Tomatoes

A singular watermelon

The ONLY pumpkin out of the whole damn mess!

FINALLY a tiny bunch of broccoli is showing up..  ggrrrr

This looks like a STRONG vine.. you know, flexing.. meh. whatever.

Oh the sneaky watermelon I found growing behind the peppers.. 

Jalapenos I saved from suicide..  there are like 5 growing.. 😀

Cucumbers!!!  Can’t wait! 

This is THE MESS.  I can’t wait to rip it all out.  NO MORE MELONS of any type.

My out of CONTROL garden..

I was kinda laughing last night, taking pictures of my garden… I’ve taken about 12 squash off there already and theres still a ton more… the corn is really starting to thrive, as are the peas.. FINALLY!  I literally just planted the zucchini on saturday and the pic below show how big they are after just 4 days!!  They were SEEDS!  The tomatos are doing well, so is the broccoli.  Dano’s “gourds” (I still have no idea why she wanted these) are doing well also.  Now. I am fairly certain that I planted the watermelon, cantaloupe and the um.. oh pumpkin WAAAY too close together, as they have created their own intermingled bed of leaves.  It’s been 16 days since the last post of pics of the garden.  It is out of control now.  For reals.  In the huge mess of the melons/pumpkin, I found last night ONE single watermelon growing on a limb that has grown OUT of the garden onto the concrete.  ONE. That’s it.  In the whole jungle, one.  WTH!?!?!  Oh, and also, the pumpkin.  I really didn’t think it would live.  The roots are in the ground and look pretty homely.  The vines have grown to the far left, and there, on that ONE vine, is ONE pumpkin.  Again, ONE.  Shit better start producing stat!  Now, when I get home today, seeing as the weather has dropped a whopping 10 degrees in the last day or so (THANK GOODNESS) I will get into the garden and check out the cantaloupe.  Haven’t seen squat from that sucker, but a TON of pretty yellow flowers.  My grape vine LIVED!  I am soooo happy about that.  Haven’t planted it in the ground yet, wasn’t sure what it was going to do, so I need to do that pretty quick…  Anyway, without further ado… *Le Garden*

Just stuff..

So Dano was supposed to go with the donor to “the river” this past weekend. Long story short, she decided she did not want to go, rather get the rest of her “school stuff” together and relax before school starts this Wednesday.  Many of you know, they don’t really get along.  Not surprising, I mean, I DIVORCED him for a reasons..  He was VERY upset with her, and threatened to tell her “friends” (his friends kids that he states she has already pushed away) to NOT invite her anywhere because she didn’t go with him.   VERY adult of him no?  He also told her he is “SELLING HER STUFF”.. no more bedroom for her to have.  She hasn’t stayed over night for over a year, but this makes me think he has no plans to change that now.  😦  Had to rush around Friday and left work early to take her to the Dr to get a TB test so she CAN start school this week.. (Crazy day).. so He has to run her by the dr today before 5pm to get the result and papers to give to school.  WHAT a mess.. talk about pissy.. “Why do I have to do this on MY day!?  Why can’t YOU do it!!?”  Um, hi, you are her DAD, it’s part of YOUR job as a parent!  Ugh..  Back to my point.  
She stayed home with me.  (I was happy haha)  We spent saturday relaxing, for reals, and smoked porky pigs butt again.. OH MY GOSH DELICIOUS!!  Dano had the brilliant idea to use some of the roasted salsa I made last weekend on her bbq pulled pork samiches… WOW.. amazing flavors..  Then I took one of mine, and added …. Dill relish.  HOLY BAT CRAP it was amazing too! LOL  (I get the little dinner rolls and make small samiches with that… more fun and messy!)  Kira (next door neighbor BFF) and Dano and now the gal that JUST moved into the culdesac as well, Lauren were all running amock Saturday night..  You KNOW you are old when you HAVE to stay up late on a weekend night just to not worry about your kids… 😉  LOL  They had a great time..  VERY relaxing for her.  
Sunday am, we went to Wallyworld to get groceries.. and school supplies.. OH MY GAWD was that a hoot!  There was a poor dad there ALONE shopping based off of his 4th grade daughters hand writing… I could stop here.. but, no.. Dano walked with him helping him shop while I got her stuff..  School (7th grade) did not provide ANY type of list for supplies, so I just googled 7th grade supplies, and went off that.. Hopefully we are close. 😉   The guy was very grateful to Dano, and kinda hung with us in the supplies area still shopping, and I believe listening to Dano and myself..  I will embarrass her ANY chance I get, and she knows it..  She wanted something, and I grabbed the ELMO pencil box and Spiderman notebook and said if you use these, and NOT HIDE them, then you can have that.. they guy was cracking up.. He said to her, “You have a very cool Mom, be proud of her”..  um, ok.. thank you. HAHA   Then I was explaining to Dano about “Back in my day, things were different”.. Dano tried to argue with me, and a teenage girl (closer to 20) said to Dano “Never question your Mom, she is ALWAYS right no matter what you think.. TRUST ME”.  HA!  See!?!? Random strangers know I am right!  hahhahhahahaha  That cracked me up..  
So we go to leave, and the gal at the door checking receipts is looking at mine, and I glanced at her name tag…..   ~DANO~ is what it said!  I showed Dano, and the two were chatting as I went to load the car.. her name is Danielle too, and has ALWAYS gone by Dano..  Now, MY Dano has decided, “I am going to just stay Dano, Mom.. not Dani, and NOT Danielle.. It’ll be cool, and different”..   that’s my girl. 
After we got home from there, did some more gardening, and then I took all three girls to ‘the river’.  Figured I’d look it up, it’s just the Santa Ana River that flows down from Big Bear..  it’s not deep right now, but man, when it floods..  The girls had more fun than anything I’ve seen in a long time..  we saw a FOX crossing the river.. really pretty animal.  Not afraid or anything, just played in the water and left.  The girls caught “guppies” and in their attempt to put them into water bottles to bring back to MY house (because their folks would flush them), they jumped OUT of their hands into their bathingsuit tops etc..  LOTS of screaming.. and laughing on my part.. haha  They had Mud throwing fights, wrestling matches, and chased each other up / down the river.   That spot is my new heaven.  The breeze is beautiful, it’s like 15 degrees cooler than home (which is 5 minutes away) and just peaceful.   Asshole people left dirty diapers and trash, so I told the girls we are bringing a big trashbag next trip to clean it up since it’s like “our spot” now..  They are happy to do it.   Oh, and the “next trip” is Wednesday.. after the first day of school.. They figure they will be so stressed they need to “unwind” for a couple hours..  Guess we’ll be going back very soon.  THIS, is MY river… 🙂 

After the river, we had a nerf gun war… Of course I lost.. 😉  Anyway, we had a FABULOUS relaxing weekend.. She’s less stressed out about school, she’s ready to go for that..  Now if she would just relax seeing “him” today.  I feel bad for her… Why are people the way they are… 


is the day.  Moving day ~ ish.  haha  I’ve been packing for 2 weeks, and shit canning a bunch of stuff.  Did the yard sale thing, which reminded me WHY I don’t do yard sales… helped my friends move (quid pro quo, he’s helping me tonight since I have NO ONE ELSE TO HELP ME).. got a concussion, cleaned, and still not ready to go!  HAHAHAHA
Back to the concussion.. so we got all kinds of shit moved in at their new apartment, and the last thing I was doing was separating the entertainment center more to accommodate their big ass television.  Didn’t know the “top piece” wasn’t attached and it came crashing down on my head.  Oh, and the force of that smashed the OTHER side of my head on the other part of the unit.  Woo… that was fun.  So I got the proverbial headache, and couldn’t sleep that night.. Next day I was a useless wreck.  I shit you not, I was on the couch, and could NOT be bothered to watch NASCAR, OR drink beer.  Ya something was wrong.  Vomiting ensued, pressure in my head, couldn’t sleep… So long story short, took myself to the ER Monday, AFTER I went to the bank to get 3 more cashiers checks to give to the Realtor in order to get the keys to the new house.  I give them to her, and she says “Oh, the homeowner is at the house, he has the keys and garage door opener, you need to go there now.”  Great, just what I need.. pull over by the cows and vomit on my way to meet him.  Good Times!
Got my stuff, quick introductions, and “hey, this.. this and this is broken, need it fixed asap”..  and I’m off to the ER.  After x-rays and a CT scan, there was no bleed, just a bit of swelling. Dr said to “REST, the remainder of the week”  I told him I had to work, and pack and move etc… He said “Fine, wear a helmet then.”  UGH.  So I took Tuesday off too.  Dano and I made quite a few trips to the new house, unloading kitchen stuff, and a TON of clothes.  Last night, I finished up the kitchen for the most part, and cleaned the stove, oven, microwave, counter tops and back splash crap.  
This brings me to, today.  Moving day.  Not even CLOSE to ready.  haha
I pulled the couch apart yesterday to vacuum it.  ERMAHGERD my dogs shed WAAAAY worse than me.  I bought a “Sticky buddy”… piece of shit. Don’t waste your money.  Now I gotta but a couple of those lint rollers at the Dollar tree.. 
There are people currently at the new place shampooing carpets and stretching them. (Nice big ass lump down the middle.. ugly)  Sooooo My buddy Eric is bringing a 16′ trailer so we can get all the big stuff (Washer/Dryer/Fridge/couches/beds/desks/tables yadda yadda) to the new house just to leave it in the GARAGE.  hhmmm  Then after work, tomorrow, go back to the old house to get the rest of the trivial shit, and CLEAN some more.  Oh, and paint.  Since Lilah liked ONE damn spot to lay, she dirtied ONE spot on the wall.  One of the 7 (SEVEN) colors of the interior of the house, and the ONLY touch up can of paint that was DRIED to a solid.  Valspar is OVERPRICED and charged me like $17 for a damn QUART of damn paint.  (deep breath)  So tonight I guess I’m sleeping in the garage of the new house.  Or at the old house, with NOTHING goin on, and sleeping on the floor.  Decisions Decisions. 

Update:  I forgot I got new Lavender “Bath salts” for my new tub… guess I’m staying at the new place tonight… 😉 

Could it be?? Am I growing up!?

Something strange is goin on lately.. I’m “HAPPY”.  Like for consecutive days.  I am staying AHEAD of the game for once.  haha  I smile for NO reason.  Which by the way has been buttloads of fun lately.  I was thinking, when I was growing up, I was in GATE and skipped grades blah blah.  I went to the schools that were local to where I lived.  I did get into a technology program at a high school outside my city which I subsequently BLEW it and was kicked out of the school..   Anyway, that’s not my point.  Now that I am being “forced” to move which I see as a blessing in disguise, I am researching the schools local to the city I want to move to, to check it out, see what it’s like, read comments from other parents etc.  Can it be that I am growing up!? I am looking to move, but I have to make sure that the schools (Jr High, and High School) that Dano will be attending are “Distinguished” schools, or rank pretty high up there.  I am actually basing, for the first time in my life, where I am going to move to strictly based on Dano.  Not any of my selfish wishes. Don’t get me wrong, I do almost EVERYTHING for Dano, school projects, all the crap she wants etc..  It IS really, just LUCK that all the retail places I like, and the drive thru $tarbuck$, and the market and all that just “happen” to be walking distance, just like the schools… 😉 Yay for me.  I know I’m a parent, and that I just turned 39 but THIS specific event in my life I don’t feel like a 20 something like usual.  I actually feel kind of “responsible” I think.  Can’t do TOO much of that, I’ll start acting “old”, but this is pretty cool.  I think we’re going to go this weekend to the swap meet and get her the “beach cruiser” she really wants to ride to school.  It is like 1.3 miles, so she has to have a cool bike.  She wants purple.  I said sure, with a bike “bling bling” bell on it, and a basket with big purple flames, and flames on the bike frame, and some other cool stuff..  Right?  LOL

New Recipe to try!!!

grapes wrapped in goat cheese

– 1 package red grapes
– 1 lb. goat cheese (if you don’t like goat cheese, you could use a milder soft cheese)
– large handful of walnuts

Wash the grapes and dry thoroughly.  Gently mold goat cheese around individual grapes, carefully covering the entire grape.  I used the entire package of cheese, and then munched on the leftover grapes.  Chop walnuts, then roll cheese-covered grapes in walnuts (you may want to gently press the walnuts into the cheese for extra coverage).  Chill before serving.  Then place on a thrifted plate, and voila, you’re done! 

THIS SOUNDS DIVINE!!! Must try this weekend.. 😉 

New Beginnings..

I hope to have A LOT of new beginnings this year.. I changed my name.. that was HUGE and a big GOOD change.. 🙂  On Jan 1st I went out and bought me and the kid a new car.  “Bessie”, my 04 Tahoe was at 99,991 and I feared wouldn’t last much longer.. so this year, we are starting out with a new car.  It’s a car we can afford, and with the gas I was putting in the 11mpg tahoe, it pays for the car.  🙂  VERY happy about that… Actually, I’ll be SAVING $$!  We deserve it.  She thinks the shadow of it looks like “Shrek”.. so we named the car “Fiona”.. Fi for short, since it IS a girl car.. 😉   The house we are renting, the owners LOVE us so much, they asked if we wanted to BUY the house!  I love everything about it.  More yard than house.. I spend more time outside anyway.  A pool..  3 br 2 bath.. it’s just perfect.  I think in a few months I will look into doing that.  Having full custody of Dano now for going on 8 months has been awesome.. we are going to do so much together this year.. little road trips and just being together.  Hopefully my job will go back to full time in the first qtr, but in the meantime, I am going to start doing everything I can to get my business www.ieskinnywrap.com up to where it should be.  I really would like to quit my job and do my business full time, helping others to become the healthy person they want to be. 🙂  Anyway, I am happy, and content right now. Sure, I could win the lotto and be SUPER happy, but I keep playing.. HAHA  Anyway, I hope ALL of you have many new and exciting beginnings this year as well.  Together we can make it happen.  
Cheers n beers y’all!