My Baby..

So I decided that for the “picture”… i’ll just change it up as my mood changes… I like todays Ha Ha
Anyway, so Yesterday was Halloween… Went to a friends to help move furniture around in the new house and take the kid trick or treating. Was a good night.. kinda chilly, bunch of friends, kids, beer and a firepit. (No not kids and beer, kids got candy.. LOL) It was a fun time all around. So my kid went out twice and got a grip of candy. Like she really needs that. So we came back to the house, and somehow ran out of candy to hand out. So my kid, God love her, gave up all her candy to give out to the trick or treaters. And, it was her idea. I was so proud. She is just great. 😀
She did go back out with some friends, and got a little more candy that she got to keep.. so, I just HAD to share that, because she is soo awesome. My Baby Girl…

Do unto others….