Care to explain?

I don’t understand people.. Fact: I am a single mother.. I pay for all my own things.. house, truck, bills etc.  If I want something, I have to pay cash (AFTER bills etc are paid), or I don’t get it.. (I don’t want cc’s to get further into debt)..   I can NOT fathom HOW people can BLOW OFF certain things because they are selfish.  Let’s say.. Child support.  It is a COURT ORDERED bill.. like Alimony.  You would think, as the PAYER that you would make sure that gets paid on time so that they courts don’t come after you.  Ok sidenote: Do courts even DO that?  I guess not, since so many people are so far behind it doesn’t matter anymore.. Anyway.. I guess people don’t see a reason to pay things like that.. or a JOINT car payment that shouldn’t have been joint in the first place..  INSTEAD, let’s go out an buy a new iPhone!  Ya.. let’s do that.. my kid doesn’t need any money or anything… and that old car.. I crashed it anyway.. it’s just sitting there.. why bother paying that..  AAAAAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH  I can’t figure out WHY/HOW people are so irresponsible.   
And then, the “other guy” (family) that borrows and borrows, and never pays back.. then “borrows” your SS# to open an account, and CONTINUE to rack it up, and NEVER PAY FOR IT, so that I get collection letters saying I owe over $3,800 for something that isn’t even MINE!  In trying to DISPUTE said account.. “It’s YOUR SS #, it is YOUR bill”..   after 8 attempts to dispute and hearing the same thing… I’m over it.  My hours have been reduced drastically, and now I’m trying to cut every corner I can to make ends meet.. My kid knows about it, and that doesn’t exactly make things any better..   Ya.  Merry Christmas.  


So, I’m a little PISSED this morning.. When last spoke to nurse regarding surgery tomorrow, I was informed that it would be at the hospital, not an outpatient center and that it would take about 45 minutes.  Cool.. I can deal with that.  Well, now the hospital nurse calls to ask questions.. like “so what brings you in tomorrow?”.. Ok, really!?!  Do you not read all the information BEFORE you call people!?!?  And really, what does it matter if I have 7 or 32 tattoos?  They are all over a year old, so who really cares WHERE they all are.  Besides all of the STUPID, IGNORANT questions, I have been informed that now, rather than being outpatient, I am now INPATIENT and that I would not be going home and that the surgery is not 45 minutes, but 2 1/2 HOURS!  Oh, and I’ll be on some medication and in the hospital for about 3 days.  What happened to “simple procedure?”  I’m a little concerned now.  So this is for my back… am I going to leave the hospital with a tummy tuck and new boobies rather than a back surgery!??!  (ok, that might be alright.. ) Anyway, no idea what to expect now, but if need be, I will be signing myself out of the hospital thursday after the surgery.. I gotta work Friday.