Care to explain?

I don’t understand people.. Fact: I am a single mother.. I pay for all my own things.. house, truck, bills etc.  If I want something, I have to pay cash (AFTER bills etc are paid), or I don’t get it.. (I don’t want cc’s to get further into debt)..   I can NOT fathom HOW people can BLOW OFF certain things because they are selfish.  Let’s say.. Child support.  It is a COURT ORDERED bill.. like Alimony.  You would think, as the PAYER that you would make sure that gets paid on time so that they courts don’t come after you.  Ok sidenote: Do courts even DO that?  I guess not, since so many people are so far behind it doesn’t matter anymore.. Anyway.. I guess people don’t see a reason to pay things like that.. or a JOINT car payment that shouldn’t have been joint in the first place..  INSTEAD, let’s go out an buy a new iPhone!  Ya.. let’s do that.. my kid doesn’t need any money or anything… and that old car.. I crashed it anyway.. it’s just sitting there.. why bother paying that..  AAAAAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH  I can’t figure out WHY/HOW people are so irresponsible.   
And then, the “other guy” (family) that borrows and borrows, and never pays back.. then “borrows” your SS# to open an account, and CONTINUE to rack it up, and NEVER PAY FOR IT, so that I get collection letters saying I owe over $3,800 for something that isn’t even MINE!  In trying to DISPUTE said account.. “It’s YOUR SS #, it is YOUR bill”..   after 8 attempts to dispute and hearing the same thing… I’m over it.  My hours have been reduced drastically, and now I’m trying to cut every corner I can to make ends meet.. My kid knows about it, and that doesn’t exactly make things any better..   Ya.  Merry Christmas.  


People are shitbirds. Plain and simple. Actually some can be complete assholes. Like the people that break into your cars. That one sucks. Purses stolen, wallets, broken windows to replace. Had that one happen about 5 times now over the years. Then, once that happens, you get Identity theft. Of course, that’s if you are retarded like me and have your social security card in there when it gets ripped off. Ya, learned my lesson there. Some guy decided to open charge cards, and cell phones all under my name. THAT one really sucked. Then there’s the people that break into your homes. Getting a little too close there bud. Talk about violated. And then there are the assholes that break into your computers. Those are the shitbirds that I’d love to kick the crap out of. THAT is like waaay up there in feeling violated. What do you do? You think you have everything on your computers and that it’s “safe”. Your bank information, passwords, all kinds of personal information. Nope. Some jerkoff out there can and will get into your stuff. Be it your server, or your laptop, or personal pc, just wait. It’s gotta be one of the WORST feelings to happen.. Let’s not even get started at how many people are affected by it. O well, people like that suck, and apparently have nothing better to do than to screw with other peoples lives. Unfortunately, there is nothing that I can directly do here, but someday all these people will get their own. They will wonder what they did to deserve whatever is going on at that time, and think “What did I do?” Guess what Sweetie… Karma is a bitch.

When once the forms of civility are violated, there remains little hope of return to kindness or decency” ~ Samuel Johnson