Don’t you..

HATE it when all the good intentions are for naught!?  Ugh.. This year STARTED off better than I’d hoped.. (notice I didn’t say great.. haha)  So I got a new car since Bessie was about to kick the bucket..  So these “dummy” lights (apparently for chicks that don’t seem to know shit about cars.. ) the Downhill Control assist, and the Electronic Stability Control came on while I was driving “Fiona”. (Remember, Dano said the shadow looked like an ogre.. ergo, shrek, or FIONA haha) I was at lunch, coming back from getting me some chili fries at der weiner… (LOVE their chili!!) Once I returned to work, I couldn’t move the shifter into PARK.  It wouldn’t go past neutral.. oh realllly.  Of course, if said car is not in park, you can’t turn it off, or retrieve keys… FUN!!  I found a little chingas next to the shifter, stuck the nail file in there to open it, and pushed down this little lever and then it went into Park.  Ok, so crisis averted.  
HOWEVER.. did a little googling on said vehicle.  Seems 2 others with this issue (identical I might add) had a brake interlock safety switch go bad and the other the drive shaft went bad..  ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW!?!? I thought since it was used (2011 with 20K miles) the bugs would be “worked out” already..  Le Sigh.  Now I’m cranky.  Granted, I did buy the extended warranty and stuff, but I JUST GOT THE DAMN THING! Ggrrr  Just had to vent.. this just pisses me off. So much for THAT being a good start..  OOH.. and then Dano.. and her grades.. SMDH When will I win THAT war?