Back on the.. Back in the..

back in the saddle.. back on the bike.. whatever it’s called… I’m BACK BITCHES!!  It’s a great day today.. after taking some time off for personal reasons, I am back full steam ahead to get my business OFF THE GROUND!! is here to stay!  I have 3 parties coming up starting TONIGHT!  I am soo excited to get back to helping people achieve their goals for better health, weight loss, whatever their desire.  Being in the position to do so, is such an amazing feeling.  Y’all already know I’ve lost 30+ lbs doing this system.  I’ve plateau’d lately (aka been lazy and don’t care about anything) and based on the new “Ultimate Makeover” and protein shakes and wraps etc, I am DETERMINED to lose another 15-20 lbs. Check out the video and see for yourself!!  Go to and click on ULTIMATE MAKEOVER.. and hit play!  🙂   I never thought I’d lose the 30 I already did, considering I refused to give up my beer, and I hate to “work out”. But, it REALLY REALLY works.. So, with a little desire, I can do it again.  Once I lose that, and maintain, I will be sooo ready for summer, and back into a teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini!  
Tonight’s party will be awesome, a couple of the gals have already been to a wrap party, so they got a LOT of their friends together.. $ CHA CHING!$  Then, I partnered up with an upscale salon here, to do a “Valentine’s Day” slim down, get purty package… Do a wrap and get your hair did to fit into that little black dress and look super hot for Valentine’s Day..  Lot’s of girls already have appointments for that too!  (About 18 so far!)  Then off to Los Angeles for another shin dig.  I am praying/crossing fingers whatever it takes to FINALLY get to a point where I can QUIT MY DAY JOB!!  Before I took a break I was making pretty decent money and I know if I had stuck with it, I could have quit by now..  Live and Learn.  
Weight loss, tightened skin, healthy from the inside.. BEST way to start the year for me.  Hopefully, change enough lives, that I can do this FULL time and be SUPERMOM for Dano..  Soo excited.. What a GREAT DAY!   Love to all of you!

You too can make these changes!! 🙂 

New Beginnings..

I hope to have A LOT of new beginnings this year.. I changed my name.. that was HUGE and a big GOOD change.. 🙂  On Jan 1st I went out and bought me and the kid a new car.  “Bessie”, my 04 Tahoe was at 99,991 and I feared wouldn’t last much longer.. so this year, we are starting out with a new car.  It’s a car we can afford, and with the gas I was putting in the 11mpg tahoe, it pays for the car.  🙂  VERY happy about that… Actually, I’ll be SAVING $$!  We deserve it.  She thinks the shadow of it looks like “Shrek”.. so we named the car “Fiona”.. Fi for short, since it IS a girl car.. 😉   The house we are renting, the owners LOVE us so much, they asked if we wanted to BUY the house!  I love everything about it.  More yard than house.. I spend more time outside anyway.  A pool..  3 br 2 bath.. it’s just perfect.  I think in a few months I will look into doing that.  Having full custody of Dano now for going on 8 months has been awesome.. we are going to do so much together this year.. little road trips and just being together.  Hopefully my job will go back to full time in the first qtr, but in the meantime, I am going to start doing everything I can to get my business up to where it should be.  I really would like to quit my job and do my business full time, helping others to become the healthy person they want to be. 🙂  Anyway, I am happy, and content right now. Sure, I could win the lotto and be SUPER happy, but I keep playing.. HAHA  Anyway, I hope ALL of you have many new and exciting beginnings this year as well.  Together we can make it happen.  
Cheers n beers y’all!