Exciting things ahead..

It was an interesting weekend.  Dano was sick, still is.  Nasty head cold.. Not strep Thank Goodness.. Anyway, we went to do a bit of shopping at the market.  Dano and I were being goofy as usual, when a women came up and started telling Dano that she was beautiful, and should be a model etc.. Oh great.. more info to feed that kids ego.. haha  Well, later last night, we sat and talked about it.  I told her I had looked into it about a year ago, and she got pretty upset as to WHY I hadn’t done more.  I told her about when I did a little print work back in the day, and now she is super DUPER excited, to say the least.  We called my photog and set up a day next week to do a photo shoot with her. (I kinda want to do a couple shots just to compare how much or little I’ve changed in the last 20 years, and also do a few shots of us together.. I always TAKE the pictures, I’m never in them.. )  I already have the place picked out..  
So, once we get the shots done, need to make Zed/comp cards made up to send out to some agents.  Apparently”biracial” kids are in demand.. Not sure what to make of that one.. haha  Just wanted to “share” that.. I’m really excited FOR her.. she’s cute and all.. we’ll see.. 😉