Same shit.. different (insert whatever)..

I am REALLY annoyed today.  I am appalled at how people look down their noses at others.  I mean, WHO are you that you think you are better than ANYONE else!?  I am not better than anyone.. I am VERY honest about that.  I am almost FORTY YEARS OLD.  (Ok, in a year and three months) I am TOO OLD to be playing juvenile high school bullshit games.  MY BUSINESS IS MY BUSINESS.  What I do, say, anything, is NONE OF YOUR business.. and vice versa, of course.  When I do something, it does not become YOUR concern to go broadcast to others.  YOU ARE NOT BETTER than I am.  I *THOUGHT* we are all equal.  I mean, we WERE created equal if I recall correctly.  Apparently, my feeble attempt at trying to convince myself that people really are my “friend”s, blew up in my face yet again.  Think about it.. we are alone in this world, and we die alone.  That handful of people that haven’t stabbed you in the back, or front for that matter, or lied to you or whatever else, may mourn you when you are gone.. but you are alone.  TRUST is a word very similar to LOVE.  Words that are thrown around just as much as gossip about others.  Saying “I love you” is HUGE.  That is actually TRUSTING someone with your emotions.  People take it for granted all too often.  TRUST is earned, and it really doesn’t take much to destroy that.  Like most, I tend to shut people out once they’ve destroyed it (including immediately family members).  I’ve gone so far as tattooing it on my arm as a constant reminder to  “shut your mouth self.. you are just going to get pissed off for trying yet again to prove yourself wrong”…  I think my next tat should be something like “don’t be an idiot, everybody hates you”.. or something..