So, it’s been a pretty good week.. Kinda random and funny actually.. Monday was pretty good.. worked, watched some movies, could NOT go to sleep.. was up til about 145am, then finally fell asleep (pretty sure.. ) and was up at 545am for work.  Wonder of wonders, I wasn’t TIRED.  Kinda nice actually.  Maybe I’m getting too much sleep.. is that possible?  Anyway.. Oh!  My friend.. seems she fractured TWO bones, and another one got “pushed back”..  So the specialist pulled it forward and it’s in a splint now.. til like tuesday.  And she’s off work.. how nice is that to have like a bazillion sick hours and be able to veg out for a whole week and do nothing..  I hate that she’s hurt, but I’m jealous of that.. 😀 

So, let’s see Tuesday was pretty cool.. found out my next door neighbors close escrow somewheres else on May 5th.. THAT makes me sad.. we just start hanging out and playing beer pong a lot, and become quite good friends, and they are leaving.. about 4 houses on the street hung out that night, and she decided that she doesn’t want to leave now.. that sucks.. Because, I think I am going to move also.  Not for anything about the neighborhood (LOVE IT) or the people, they are fantastic.. it’s the house.  HATE IT.  No carpet etc.. I’ve mentioned the multitude of reasons I don’t like it before..  So.. found a place that I like it’s 1/2 an acre and has a tack room for the kid to play in.. LOL  Nice place and it’s a couple hundred cheaper!!  So, gonna go check it out this weekend.. Anyway, so yesterday (wednesday).. what a random funny day.  Started out, me and the kid were getting coffee at 7-11.  She knows how to make my coffee for me, and so we got the hazelnut creamer little thingys and I have NO idea what I was thinking, I was opening them and pouring them into the trash… The kid says “Mom.. aren’t those supposed to go in the cup?”… we were laughing sooo loud, and even Snorting!  It was hilarious!  So, that started the day, and long story short.. it was a great day… hung out with the kid, had a great time… laid with her in bed last night til she talked herself to sleep… My heart is sooo full and I can’t think of a word to describe the feeling.. Sooo much love..   So today.. I am going to take a late lunch and go take some Nachos to the kid and have lunch with her at school..  She said “We can sit at the peanut free table and eat together mom”..  Yay.. allergy free lunch.   Love her.