More Changes..

This past year, there have been a lot of changes in my life.. Mostly for the better.. No need to be negative nelly about the bad stuff.  Yesterday in the mail, I received my reward for spending what seemed to be at LEAST 10 hours of my life trying to make a rather big change.  I got my new drivers license, WITH my new name.  After my divorce was finalized back in 2005 or somewhere around there, I decided it was time to change my name.. I thought about it and thought about it.. and yes, hindsight IS 20/20 and now am glad I did what I did.  I’ve gone thru a few chapters in my life with different names.  My birth name was one chapter of course.. kinda long too.  TOO long for my taste but, it is what it is.  Then I got married.  We’ll skip the diatribe here about what a mistake it was, how could I have been drunk for so many years, blah blah, etc. ANOTHER chapter that was too long.  Meh.  So a few years back, I went to court, and also posted in some obscure newspaper to change my name.  My birth name was NOT something I wanted to be associated with anymore because certain people that still have that name have rather “tarnished” it.. So much so, I don’t want ANY association with it.  So in 2008 I legally changed my name, to something else altogether. (and no, not Smith, tho I thought about it.. haha)  FINALLY.  Hold up.. not so fast.  I changed it legally, but never got around to actually CHANGING it and using it.  Since the “incident” occurred in June, that kind of put thoughts into my head, that I REALLY need to move on, and disassociate myself with “that” name.  About a month ago, I went for it.  Headed over to the Social Security office and turned in my paperwork to get the ball rolling.  Once I received that, I went last week to the DMV (I HATE THAT PLACE) and got a new Drivers License..  sidenote:  WHY do the employees at the DMV make sure to get THE ABSOLUTE worst picture of you they can to put on your DL?!?!?!) 
Anyway, I got it in the mail yesterday.  FINALLY.  New chapter starting NOW. Off to change the bank info, checks, atm card, all my utility accounts, work, paycheck etcetera… ugh.. fun times.. haha
The only REAL drawback I see now: Dano told me “That’s great.. but now you aren’t my mom anymore”..  😦 EVERYTHING is different now.. but it’s still the same..    RIGHT??