Photobucket Oy. What a game. Ok, so the first half, I have no idea who was playing for them.. their parents maybe? What a terrible first half. I don’t think Big Ben could have thrown any more DIRECTLY to the other team if he tried. Bah! So they showed up for the second half… MUCH BETTER. They actually played. You know.. I got MANY phone calls and text messages regarding that game… and most thought I would be very pissed off, but I’ll tell ya.. it WAS A GOOD GAME (ok, after half time). But seriously.. rather than lose by like 3 touchdowns, we only lost by 2 points. Yes, a loss is a loss, and a Win is a win regardless. BUT, it was FUN to watch. I’m not upset they lost. First year coach Mike Tomlin took them to the playoffs. So I can’t complain there. I mean, come on. it should have taken them a couple years to adjust etc… but they made it. Very cool. Can’t wait to see what happens next year. GO STEELERS!!!


Hey.. I got a picture in here! LOL