Day 6..

So this is the 6th day.. .Yesterday was Superbowl (GO STEELERS!!) which was NOT a good day for my “cleanse”..  I really thought today when I got on the scale I gained like 8 lbs back.. Actually NOT SO!  Amazing to say the least.  I didn’t gain any, but only lost .4 lbs..  Still better than nothing I suppose.. Not bad for cheating pretty badly.. LOL  

Anyway, back to the Superbowl..  What a fantastic game! Ken Wisenhunt, the head coach for Arizona, WAS the Steelers Offensive Coordinator for years..  Man, Great game..  I was invited to a private party at Roscoe’s, but I had people coming over to watch (besides, I wanted to WATCH the game haha), so I didn’t go.  AFTER the game however, I went down there.. (had to parade around LOL) got some free drinks, and went behind the bar to make shots for the bartenders and myself to celebrate..  That was pretty cool of them.  I think I want a job there now.. LOL
Hope all is well..  Very happy for the Superbowl Victory, can’t wait for the next season to start!!