Whew.. it’s over..

Well I had my surgery yesterday.. went well.  When I got to the hospital it said I was there for a “Skull fracture at base and subluxated hematoma”..  hhmmm  wonder why they didn’t bother to mention that.. Unless someone was trying to punk me and get me a lobotomy HAHA…  Soo, had that changed to Kyphoplasty for T5 and T6 vertebrae..  Much better.. Got in there, the Dr came in and “signed” my back where the surgery was to occur.  Cool.  Not exactly my skull so that’s a plus.  Next I saw the anesthesiologist.  (whew, long word)..  Got some fun juice, and was ready to go.. then I started asking too many questions, so, apparently, he just shut me up on his own.. ya. thanks.  Anyway, came out of it great..  woke up crying, (apparently I do that) and man was I in pain..  Got some stuff called… um.. shit I can’t remember.. starts with a D  Oh.  delauded? or something.  GREAT STUFF!! So they took me to the other recovery place, and the same nurse was there when I had my shoulder surgery.. cool chick.. we bantered etc.. then she asked “How are you back to your smart ass self so fast?!?!”  and we laughed.. so I just said “Let me get out of your way and go home now.. “..  and they did.. 😀

Oh, one thing, when I was waking up from that sleepy shit, my tongue was numb.  like just the right side of it.  Then after being home on the couch for awhile, it wasn’t any better, and she said it would go away.  So at about 6 I called the dr.  He said “It could be nerve damage, or it could be from the tubes going down your throat, and resting on your tongue the wrong way”..  Nice. Thanks doc.  So I am to call today if it isn’t better.  Well, surprise surprise.. it’s not.  Actually it spread. The whole front 1/2 of my tongue.  I really DO NOT like this.. AT ALL.  I can’t taste, been biting my cheeks.. SUCKS BIG TIME!!  So, I am actually at work today (ya, sucks).. I have a meeting at 10 so I’ll do that then call the dr.  
And… I don’t know how much better my back is yet.  See, the incision where they went in, went THRU the muscle.. OH MY GOSH it sucks.. no matter how I sit, or move, it hurts like a mutha.  I’m easing off the pain pills tho.. THAT I AM GRATEFUL for a bunch.. I woke up at 3 and was up til 445am today, not cuz I was in pain, just woke up.. I think.  HAHA 
Anyway, going home soon, and gonna just veg all weekend..  (tried a beer last night.. not a good idea.. doesn’t sit well with anesthesia.. damn it)