My out of CONTROL garden..

I was kinda laughing last night, taking pictures of my garden… I’ve taken about 12 squash off there already and theres still a ton more… the corn is really starting to thrive, as are the peas.. FINALLY!  I literally just planted the zucchini on saturday and the pic below show how big they are after just 4 days!!  They were SEEDS!  The tomatos are doing well, so is the broccoli.  Dano’s “gourds” (I still have no idea why she wanted these) are doing well also.  Now. I am fairly certain that I planted the watermelon, cantaloupe and the um.. oh pumpkin WAAAY too close together, as they have created their own intermingled bed of leaves.  It’s been 16 days since the last post of pics of the garden.  It is out of control now.  For reals.  In the huge mess of the melons/pumpkin, I found last night ONE single watermelon growing on a limb that has grown OUT of the garden onto the concrete.  ONE. That’s it.  In the whole jungle, one.  WTH!?!?!  Oh, and also, the pumpkin.  I really didn’t think it would live.  The roots are in the ground and look pretty homely.  The vines have grown to the far left, and there, on that ONE vine, is ONE pumpkin.  Again, ONE.  Shit better start producing stat!  Now, when I get home today, seeing as the weather has dropped a whopping 10 degrees in the last day or so (THANK GOODNESS) I will get into the garden and check out the cantaloupe.  Haven’t seen squat from that sucker, but a TON of pretty yellow flowers.  My grape vine LIVED!  I am soooo happy about that.  Haven’t planted it in the ground yet, wasn’t sure what it was going to do, so I need to do that pretty quick…  Anyway, without further ado… *Le Garden*