Life and Lemons..

I find it very interesting quotes about when life hands you lemons, make lemonade or drink tequila or whatever… same with “it’s not about getting a bad hand, it’s how you play it”… or something of that nature.. Anyway, I was dealt a really crappy hand a couple weeks ago.. I am playing that hand as best I can, but boy it’s difficult. It’s common knowledge that the kid and donor don’t really get along.. well, long story short (and cutting out the BS) the kid and me are pretty tight nowadays… we are together all the time. Bosom buddies.. Joined at the hip.. Besties.. and really, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Any of you have ANY clue how much a growing 11 year old GIRL eats?! Holy birdcrap batman! (and HOW does she stay so skinny!?!?!) Anyway, she’s like I said 11, almost 5’3” now, and wears the SAME SIZE shoe as me.. really!?! I think we are gonna do just fine together.. I like the “full custody” thing.. has a nice ring to it.. πŸ˜‰

Til next time… PEACE!


Well, this blog has been going on now for a couple years… hhmmm amazing I’ve stuck to something this long.. well, off and on, but still.. πŸ™‚ Anyway, I’m thinking about changing the whole layout of my blog.. might have to do that today. Hope all 3 of you are doing well. I couldn’t be happier.. Well, if I win the lotto on Friday, then Yes, I’ll be MUCH happier, but that’s about what it would take. Things are going so well.. The Kid is still having MAJOR issues with the donor. They just DON’T get along.. 😦 There is only so much I can do to help her. I’m glad she’s back talking to the counselor every week at school. Third party to just “listen” to her so she can dump all her feelings on someone that doesn’t know anyone she does. She really likes it. We’ve had a few important “mother daughter” talks recently and we are very close.. That Kid just melts my heart…
Anyhoo… so my business is taking off.. I realize I have some time, but I need to get 4 promotions (levels) in order to quit my day job… I’ve already moved up one, and am HOPING to move up another level like THIS WEEKEND… Fingers Crossed… I want to get to DOUBLE DIAMOND like yesterday!! πŸ™‚ I have enough going on, I’m making the same money as a few levels up!! πŸ™‚ This has been such a blessing in my life… it’s amazing.. I love how happy I am in my life now.. Apparently I am going to head up to Bullhead City, AZ to do a wrap party… Hey, I said I’m DETERMINDED… πŸ˜‰ Finally, just “being me”. πŸ™‚
Happy Wednesday… Cheers n Beers Y’all ❀

It’s about that time…

So I think I’m gonna get back to blogging again… not that anyone is listening.. but it feels good to ME. πŸ™‚ The kid turned 11 this week… Amazing.. was thinking back to the day that little alien was born.. Weird how it seems like yesterday, but also like a lifetime ago… She’s so rad.. She’s been doing a LOT to help me get this IT WORKS business up and running.. I get to pay her, give her a W2 and write it off… more grooviness haha.. So, I’ve been working this 2nd (or is it 3rd job, with the MOM job thrown in there…) since December. OH EM GEE I’m in love.. I haven’t been this happy in like ever. It’s kinda nice.. I’m meeting SOOOO many new people, and making some great new friends.. The best part is Changing peoples lives. What an amazing gift. I know I’ve made some life long friends on this short journey. I mentioned that the Kid told me that I have until August to be making enough money to quit my day job.. (I dream about that EVERY NIGHT!!!) I am going FULL STEAM AHEAD in order to accomplish that goal BEFORE August.. I’ve hired 3 people now to my “Team”.. I explained to the Kid what “Network Marketing” is last night.. she caught on pretty quick.. she asked how old she has to be to become a distributor.. She’s just rad. Anyway… since I started as a distributor back in December, things have progressed rather rapidly.. I’ve been doing like 2 wrap parties (or more) per week.. CRAZY! I’ve hired 3 distributors now, who are taking off nicely. I’ve done my first Expo already which was a lot of fun.. I have another one, a wedding expo in March.. I’m also going to set up the booth at the Irvine Mud Run in May… THAT should be way fun!!! One of my dists is going to be IN it so her team will be wearing our Tshirts to represent! Way to go!! I’m still looking for a few more distributors asap, so when you decide that you want to help others become more healthy, and could stand to have some extra money… let me know.. I’m here to help. MUCH love to all πŸ™‚

β€œThe only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

A whole year….. and itworks!

So earlier this year, I was going to the doctors and having blood work done, because there is NO WAY I could weigh 175 lbs and NOT be pregnant! I mean, COME ON! Apparently there was nothing wrong with me, (albeit, they wanted to do a lobotomy… but I digress..) blood was fine, and I was instructed to “change your diet”… Well, I did! After breaking my back and my leg (2 years ago now!) it’s not all THAT easy for me to exercise… I thought perhaps the extra weight was contributing to some of my back pain as well.. so fast foward to the end of march… STILL weighing 175 lbs (up and down +- 3 lbs) I “stumbled” upon a website called…. it works. Now, I’ve spent over the last year or so about $1000 trying to find something to HELP me lose weight.. I wasn’t looking for a “quick fix” or anything like that… they don’t work.. duh. But on the flip side, changing my diet, and walking through the badlands by the house, didn’t either. So I decided to try ItWorks I mean, why not.. I’ve tried EVERYTHING else under the sun.. (i.e. Isagenix, Nexagen, JenFe patches, Arbonne…. I could go on, but you get the picture)

Now, FF to beginning of April (ya, I know it’s only like a week) … I received my first ever order of products from ItWorks… I got the “Ultimate Body Challenge”… I mean, hell, why not right.. let’s just GO for it! It came with these “wraps” and some gel stuff, and a bottle of pills… I spent $99. on March 29, two days after my birthday, I started it. Went home and did a “wrap”.. this wrap is like a huge non sticky bandaid with some lotion on it. It says to measure yourself before doing this.. so I did. I measured the biggest (read FATTEST) part of my potbelly and wrote it down. 39 1/2″. Okay REALLY!?!?! What happened to me!? Depression, Stress… you name it.
So the kid helped me to put on this wrap, and got a piece of saran wrap to put around it to keep it in place… (saran wrap doesn’t DO anything)… she was crackin up because two people trying to go the same direction with Saran wrap… you get the point.. So, we got it on, and waited for an hour. The kid was more excited than I was… after taking it off, and massaging in the lotion, I measured again, and it was at 39″.. hey it’s a 1/2″.. Now, I wasn’t “schooled” on anything so I just kinda flew by the seat of my pants with it.. I didn’t measure right, but I DID measure my biceps, quads and hips because it “seemed right”.. I was using the gel / lotion in the mornings after showers… and the bottle of pills was a “fat fighter”… WOW what a wonder pill. All of the products from ItWorks Global are natural.. nothing harmful like ephedra, or other yukky stuff… Anyway, over the next few months, I started to try the supplements.. .New You 3.0.. Regular.. it’s Vital.. and Thermofit. Over the last 9months now… these have all become STAPLES of my every day life. In the first month, because I guess I had so much toxic build up (maybe from beer, or the Rx pills I have to take for pain for my back.. ) I didn’t really lose any weight.. I was a little discouraged.. BUT I did start noticing the “orange peel” look on the backs of my thighs was starting to look better.. So, I kept at it.. the long and short of it, since March 29th, I’ve lost 24lbs (+- 2lbs) and in just the measurements I took of myself, at least 10″ loss all over. I just measured my belly again.. remember 39 1/2″…. today it’s 34 1/4″… I’m VERY pleased with that.. I’ve gone from a XL shirt to sometimes medium, but comfortably large shirt, and I went from a size 11 pants to now wearing size 8 (or my Se7en jeans are in 29!!)
I started taking the Greens which is a green powder you mix with orange juice… I drink that every morning.. it’s nice because it curbs my appetite and I’ve not gotten sick for months!! I have a few friends with walking pneumonia… the kid has been sick a few times… (I am now going to have her start taking the it’s Vital vitamins and the Greens to keep her more healthy than the germ infested kids at school… ) This has been such a huge positive change for me in my life.. I became a rep/distributor for the products… in the first week alone, I signed up 8 customers, and another distributor!! It’s selling itself, and it’s out of control… I go out and do little wrap parties maybe 2x a week right now, and picking up customers every time… plus for all the wraps that I do, I am getting $20 each for pocket money!! (well, more like, buying the kid clothes constantly because she keeps growing out of everything… )
Anyway, that’s the long and short of it…. I’ve kept all the weight and inches off and it just keeps getting better… I plan to FINALLY break under 150lbs by next week… πŸ™‚ Almost to my goal weight.. and I’m so much more healthy, and happier all because of ItWorks….

Wow.. It’s been a year….

I can’t believe how long it’s been.. I think since I got on to the dreaded Facebook, I kind of stopped doing anything here.. I want to change that. I’m also getting into a new business venture.. one that I can actually attain for now. It’s just something that I’ve already experienced and I KNOW works, and I can make some extra money to support the kid.. I just told some people in my office, and they are rather upset with me for NOT telling them about this a while ago… Seems I was overweight at the beginning of the year… I went to the dr, he said “exercise”.. Well, with a broken back and a once broken leg, not really EASY… I tried EVERYTHING.. I weight 175.2 at my max. 😦 Not a fun place to be at.. So after trying a multitude of things, I decided to try these products and see how it works.. I know that I am MUCH less tired.. and I’m not as sick as I usually am the last few months.. AND.. I’m down to 151lbs.. since the beginning of the year… not too bad πŸ™‚ I’ve also shrunk more that 2 1/2″ all over my body.. I’m fitting into jeans that I (wisely) saved from years ago, that I grew OUT of… Now I have kinda new jeans to go with the smaller body.. I am happy.. I’m having a “Wrap” party in two weeks to “show” these girls how great it works, and start my business from there.. I am REALLY excited… Wish me luck.. I get to help people be happier and healthier and skinnier, and make a little extra money for the kid.. Win Win..

Been awhile..

Hope everyone has been doing well… Thanksgiving has come and gone, I hope everyones was fantastic.. Mine was great.. went to the desert (of course), deep fried a turkey, rode quads, etc.. same ol same ol’. Just found out some good news today, I’ll share in a couple weeks… πŸ˜‰

Christmas is coming… too bad Santa is broke too 😦
Happy Holidays to you all… I’ll try to post again before Christmas… πŸ˜€


Or rather, Lack thereof. It really astounds me at the ability some people have to display such a HUGE, TITANIC, GINORMOUS lack of respect for others. Let alone for themselves. I’m guessing it takes a big lack of respect for yourself, in order to not have the ability to give it to others. It makes me sad to see people act this way. Especially when it’s BLATANT and they do it on purpose. I can’t figure out why people feel the need to lie, and hurt others on purpose. There is only so much of it a person can take. Well, that and being taken advantage of. Hospitality. I guess some people are just shitty assholes, and greedy and selfish. I used to feel sorry for that, but when you realize they are doing it purposefully, forget it. You are just a shitty jerk.