Ok, so for those of you that are only kids… congrats. If you have siblings.. sorry bout your luck. I am kind of hoping that MOST siblings get a long really well. I may be delusional, but I’m sure most do, however, I am just dysfunctional perhaps. I don’t really talk to my siblings. I have one of each, a brother and a sister. Good thing is I dislike them both the same. Equal opportunity disliker so to speak. You are supposed to be there for your siblings.. for support, and comfort oh yea, and to be taken advantage of… repeatedly. That IS normal right? Yea, I didn’t think so.
You can’t TELL your siblings outright because they never believe you. Or anyone else for that matter really. As long as whatever you are doing helps them somehow. Usually in my case it is FINANCIAL assistance. And of course, I get screwed ALMOST every time. The sister usually does pay back when she says she will, but the brother, now he is certainly a piece of work. NEVER pays back.. and as a matter of fact, continues to keep borrowing more. Of course, that is MY fault to keep allowing that to occur. Even in JAIL, it happens. With the brother, it’s like a plague. And when he doesn’t get his way? LOOK THE HELL OUT. According to him, you will be spat upon, disowned, and anything else he can think of to piss you off for NOT helping him. I have always done whatever I can for the brother, but I finally lost all respect for him. He is a childish immature spoiled brat who cares about NO ONE but himself. It really hurts me to see him the way he is. I used to chalk up his shitty~ness to all the drugs he used to do. I mean, that made so much sense back then. But, unfortunately, he is still the selfish little bastard he always has been. Pity too, because he could be soo much more. The sister, she’s just who she is. We have NEVER really gotten along.. maybe for like an hour here and there. I don’t care for the person she is, and she will use anyone she can for her benefit. She will throw me under the bus, and take sides with ANYONE but me.. LOL I’m used to her.. and VERY glad I don’t have to maintain any relationship with her right now. She’s pregnant, and too volatile to be around. I don’t even want my kid around her. Not sure how her boyfriend deals with her. Like I said she and I have never really gotten along.. and I can’t see that it will change any time soon. Shame too, I miss my niece and won’t be meeting my new niece any time soon. How we were all cut from the SAME cloth is really BEYOND me…. This isn’t about being angry or pissed off or anything like that. I think this is more about me trying to “LET IT GO” and finally wash my hands of it all. I guess, I FINALLY hit the end of the line. I can’t do it anymore with them. My kid is the MOST important thing in my life right now, and we are happy. I want to keep it that way, so if that means, it’s just the two of us… So be it.

“Karma is a bitch… What goes around comes around..”


People are shitbirds. Plain and simple. Actually some can be complete assholes. Like the people that break into your cars. That one sucks. Purses stolen, wallets, broken windows to replace. Had that one happen about 5 times now over the years. Then, once that happens, you get Identity theft. Of course, that’s if you are retarded like me and have your social security card in there when it gets ripped off. Ya, learned my lesson there. Some guy decided to open charge cards, and cell phones all under my name. THAT one really sucked. Then there’s the people that break into your homes. Getting a little too close there bud. Talk about violated. And then there are the assholes that break into your computers. Those are the shitbirds that I’d love to kick the crap out of. THAT is like waaay up there in feeling violated. What do you do? You think you have everything on your computers and that it’s “safe”. Your bank information, passwords, all kinds of personal information. Nope. Some jerkoff out there can and will get into your stuff. Be it your server, or your laptop, or personal pc, just wait. It’s gotta be one of the WORST feelings to happen.. Let’s not even get started at how many people are affected by it. O well, people like that suck, and apparently have nothing better to do than to screw with other peoples lives. Unfortunately, there is nothing that I can directly do here, but someday all these people will get their own. They will wonder what they did to deserve whatever is going on at that time, and think “What did I do?” Guess what Sweetie… Karma is a bitch.

When once the forms of civility are violated, there remains little hope of return to kindness or decency” ~ Samuel Johnson