Another Day..

Well, for once I can say I am doing ok.  The kid starts back to school on Tuesday.  3rd grade.  Sooo excited.  She’s been having a great summer, hanging out with grandparents, cousins, swimming a LOT.. She is soo tan right now.. with nice blond natural highlights in her hair.  Since we’ve moved, she’s made a lot of new friends and is always outside playing now. Much better than the old place.. she never went outside there,  I didn’t feel safe.   Here I do.  Mom has made lots of friends too!  HAHA  We have made friends with many of the neighbors and often trade portions of dinner..  Kinda cool really, don’t have to cook every day.   And then there’s my friend across the street who hangs out with me in the evenings and has some beers..  She’s a lot like me..  Good times. 

We’ve been having a lot of bbq’s, and some not so fun times, with drunk family members, and fights, and lovely introductions to the police force. HAHA  No arrests tho.  Whew!  We’ve had a nice summer, and now it’s time to get back to school.   I like the fact that I am off at 3 so that I can go get the kid from school and we have the afternoon to just hang out, do homework etc.. I’m glad it’s still going to be light later in the evenings for a while longer, because it’s been pretty toasty and warm so we are outside a lot.  
With the close of summer, it’s nice to be able to start anticipating trips to the desert.  The kid is VERY excited to do that..  She loves her quad.   Trying to get to the river this weekend for the holiday so she has one more fun trip before school starts but it’s proving to be a trying experience, and rather difficult.  Might have to stay home (save money) and go to the street faire and listen to some music and eat some of the BEST food like ever.   If ya’ll are in town, you really should go check it out!
Anyway, that’s all for now, just the everyday goings on in my life… woo hoo.
Take it easy..  Later

iPhone Pt 2..

Well, I went ahead and upgraded…   I even went so far as upgrading to 2.0.1  So far so good… I don’t see any issues with it.. except one thing that bugs the shit outta me..   When I get a text, and I hit reply to get the sms thingy to open, takes FOREVER…  Annoying!!!

Other than that, pretty cool…  I did see the Hold em game and that is actually WHY I upgraded.. THAT was soooo cool.. .Love it!!
Anyway…  Still debating on getting the NEW 3G iPhone, but still can’t bring myself to do so..  I mean, the only thing I don’t have that the new ones do is the GPS and something else that I have already been living without, so…  I’m sure in another release, 1st gen phones may get it some day..   Until then…   Hope everyone is doing well. 
I need a vacation.

A couple things..

I have a couple things I want to talk about but I have a question..  if ANYONE out there reading this has a 1st Gen iPhone have you updated to the 2.0 release yet???  If so, are you happy with it?  Anyone?  Bueller?